Fibercon has been committed to Research and Development of the performance of Steel and Poly Fibre Reinforcing for over 16years.

Tony Collister our North Qld representative has been the driver of the work, and has been involved in a tremendous range of research from Micro Performance of fibres in concrete to the full scale construction and testing of a Suspended Concrete Steel Fibre Reinforced Slab.

As nearly all of these projects are Copyright we ask that you contact Fibercon and request the information that is of interest to you.

Fibercon R&D Projects:

  • Cryogenic performance of Fibre reinforced Concrete
  • Prediction of Structural Behaviour Using FEM       
  • Safety Guards Using Blast Resistant Concrete
  • Ecoblock – ICF Performance with Bar Reinforcing and Fibre Reinforcing
  • Shear Response of Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  • High Early Strength SFRC
  • Flatness of SFRC Slabs
  • Domestic Slabs using SFRC
  • Full Scale Testing of a Suspended Fibre Reinforced Slab
  • Testing of a Fibre Reinforced Slab in one Way Action
  • Developing a Test Method for High Quality Concrete


  • World leader in steel and Macro Poly technology
  • Custom Fibre designs and packaging available
  • Excellent crack control
  • Superior installation performance

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